How Savvy are you? Restaurant Trivia Challenge

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A popular feature of the Savvy Diners Society's email News is the Restaurant Trivia Quiz. Here's a chance to test your knowledge of past/present Sarasota and Manatee area eateries. We'll add more often, so please return to visit again.

What's your restaurant I.Q?
How many questions can YOU answer correctly?

1. To your editor's knowledge, this N. Trail spot was Sarasota's first Thai eatery. It spawned others as staff members left to try it on their own. Thai dancers sometimes entertained; a whole, steamed red snapper was a signature dish. Can you name it?

2. One of Sarasota's earliest, if not its first Japanese restaurant, this tiny gem is in a refurbished residence in an historic area near downtown. Can you name it?

3. The first eatery to occupy the spot that's now Longboat Key's Maureen Restaurant was owned by an Englishman. He also owned Rotten Ralph's on a pier in Manatee County. Can you name his Longboat Key spot?

4. For many years, Saint Armand's Columbia was SaraMana's best-known Spanish restaurant. Then a pair of Columbia employees launched another in Sarasota's "The Quay" building. Can you name their restaurant?

5. Here's one for old-timers; inspired by Art Rollini's mention of pianist, Ron Trudeau. Can anyone name another instrument Ron played in the early days at the Siesta Key French Restaurant which later became The Magic Moment?

6. It's on Sarasota's N.Trail near Jungle Gardens; an attractive building with pleasant ambience. They built a salad bar in a refurbished rowboat. Prime Rib was a feature; the menu offered a wide choice of seafood items. Then it closed. Greg Stinson, was long-time manager. Can you name the restaurant?

7. Alain Taulaire owns Cafe of the Arts, a French restaurant on Sarasota's N. Trail. His original Sarasota eatery featured classical French Cuisine, baked and sold authentic French breads and pastries. It stood at U.S.41, S. at Beneva Rd. Can you name it?

8. What was the name of the Downtown Sarasota department store that is now the Golden Apple Dinner Theater?

9. Originally opened as a small crepe eatery, this Beneva Road, Sarasota restaurant has been Quintiliano's, Chanticleer, Vito's and most recently, Papa Gei's. New owners refurbished and reopened as another ethnic operation. Can you name it?

10. Piccirilli's is a long-time favorite Bradenton Italian restaurant. For a time, however, it was sold to a Sarasota restaurateur who changed its name. What was it called during that time?
HINT: That Sarasota operator has a eatery on Saint Armands.

11. They boasted of being Sarasota's oldest restaurant;that's arguable, however. But they were the only one who served "Welsh foods". The building, expanded and remodeled, now houses an upscale seafood eatery. Can you name the original restaurant?

12. This restuarant, named for its owner, was on US41 S. for many years. It was known for Broasted Grouper & Chicken and a great salad bar. They sold the business,then had to take it back. HINTS: It briefly became Frankie C's (Italian). Original owners also once owned a 50's-style diner on US 41 near the Mullet Wrapper's imposing edifice.

13. Arguably our area's best, most authentic Chinese eatery when owned by Robert Moy. Now another cookie-cutter facsimile. High stakes Mahjongg games in a back room drew the Chinese community. A big statue parked outside the entrance. A busy lounge where your editor often lunched and schmoozed with regulars. North Trail, Sarasota location.

14. George once owned Sarasota's Main Bar. Then opened this spot on Sarasota's S. Trail. It's now an Italian restaurant. He gave souvenir coins to guests. Can you name the restaurant?

15. Can you name the long-gone Chinese restaurant on Sarasota's S. Trail  featured giant "Breaded Egg Rolls" on their Menu. It was a batter dipped Egg Roll.

16. Once located at Tuttle Avenue and Ringling Blvd., Sarasota. It was owned by a circus family; circus acts performed inside the restaurant. Italian food was its specialty.

17. Many years ago, this was a primary restaurant on Longboat Key. Known for iambiance; better known for Maitre d'hotel, John Alden Smith. English and the epitome of graciousness, he knew all repeat customers by name and had amassive handlebar mustache. Women were smitten by his compliments and he rarely let them enter without kissing their hand. He ran the restaurant without flaw. The restaurant sometimes had to close because the Gulf of Mexico would flood the dining room.

18. Name the Longboat Key developer, restaurateur and local governmentactivist (now deceased), who built The Buccaneer Inn and other LBK landmarks into thriving enterprises?

19. What was the original name of the Siesta Key Restaurant  founded by a one-time Governor of New Hampshire, Hugh Gregg?

20. Before it closed some years ago, this venerable north Sarasota eatery's patrons would battle for seating in its popular Waterfall Room. Can you name it?

21. This popular restaurant across from Memorial Hospital closed in the late 70's. It was family owned and had a big salad bar. A clue: it had a comfortable lounge called The Office Lounge.

22. What was the name of the Sarasota Italian restaurant that preceded the ElAdobe?

23. What was the name of the Indian Restaurant which briefly occupied the Elephant Room Lounge and dining area in the old John Ringling Hotel? This would have been in the mid 70's.